1. Business forms          
2. Envelopes a) Wage envelopes
b) Pin-number envelopes
c) Post envelopes
3. Airline forms a) ATB 
b) ATB2
c) Boarding pass wallets
d) Baggage tags
e) Airway forms (air waybills)
4. ISO cards a) Die-cut card carriers
b) Die-cut, continuous membership cards
c) ID cards
d) Prepaid telephone cards
5. One-piece mailers
6. Cut size forms (snap-outs)
7. Letterheads
8. Multi-layered forms a) Crimping
b) Tape fastening
9. Listing paper
10. ATM receipts - P.O.S. Rolls
11. Banking checks
12. Tickets a) Entertainment tickets
b) Transportation tickets
c) Highway toll tickets
d) Lottery tickets
e) Parking lot tickets
f) Queue tickets
13. Medical diagnostic papers and charts a) ECG papers
b) Fetal Monitor papers
c) Health care forms
14. Label integrated forms
(label&form combinations)
15. Pricing labels and tags a) Direct thermal labels
b) Thermal transfer labels
c) EDP labels
d) Pressure sensitive labels
e) Textile tags
16. Reinforced forms and tags
17. OCR forms
18. Commercial printing
19. Wrapping paper
20. RFID Applications a) Public Transportation Tickets
b) Textile Labels
c) Meter Reading Cards
d) Parking Tickets
e) HF - UHF
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